Tired Of Fake Reviews At Amazon Or Yelp? Rates The Reviews.

Amazon has a big problem that it doesn’t seem to care much about and that is fake reviews.  Products with more reviews and a better overall rating, get better Amazon real estate and thus higher sales.  There is tremendous incentive to game the system with one such tactic of offering free product in exchange for a review.  That in and of itself isn’t bad as long as the reviewer leaves an honest review despite the free product.  The larger problem is the proliferation of completely fake reviews.  This is where a website called FakeSpot comes in and I’d imagine you’ll see Amazon really trying to crack down on fake reviews in the coming years.

Fakespot analyzes the reviews of Amazon or Yelp to come up with a rating of the rating based on analysis from the algorithm at

I like that can you can just paste a URL from Amazon or Yelp and have it analyze it, but I don’t like that you have to re-analyze products for a new score if someone else hasn’t hit “analyze” in awhile. The service should just run this analysis for thousands of products every day, but I guess it’s cheaper for them this way.

I buy products on Amazon almost weekly now (mostly grocery/supplements stuff) and I always turn to Fakespot ReviewMeta when trying something new.  It’s worth a bookmark for sure.

::::::::::::::: UPDATE 3.8.17 ::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::

There is a better service for this!  Thanks to for contacting me to mention their service.  This site is vastly superior in the amount of data they provide.   It’s easy to see that a lot more work has gone into and it’s easy to paste any Amazon URL right at the top of the page.  For you Amazon power users they even have a browser plugin for Chrome and Firefox so you can quickly see the “real” review score for any Amazon product.  I don’t shop at Amazon anymore without it and I recommend you do the same.   Check them out at



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    Also check out - shows you A LOT more on the details.
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    ReviewMeta doesn't do yelp
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