Protect Your Website From Hackers With Sucuri

Back in the day running WordPress websites on shared servers I’d get hacked multiple times. The response was always the same – “make sure all your software is up to date”. That’s a half assed response to a much more complicated issue. Hackers can find any and all vulnerabilities whether software is up to date or not. ::::::.>>>> ReadMoving to a VPS or dedicated server is a great first step to securing your sites not to mention improving performance. For the first time in five years a very important website I’m responsible for got hacked on a dedicated server. I did the basics of constant backups and vulnerability scans but it wasn’t enough. Most ecommerce sites will be considerably complex with tons of customizing and extensions. I realized I needed more. Eventually I settled on which offers a complete security package – vulnerability scanning, a proxy firewall, virtual patching, backups and a premium add on service offering customized security consultation if you need that. The price is very fair allowing any small business to secure multiple sites affordably. Other companies charged 3-4x higher for just one site and half the features. get my seal of approval and is a must if you’re serious about keeping your website safe from the destruction of hackers.

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