Meteoric Expansion Of Data Storage – Digital Realty (DLR) Is The Stock Play

“Wow just read that 90% of world’s data was created in just the past two years. I’d imagine Facebook has something to do with that.”

EDIT (1.28.17) That statement was posted here almost 3 years ago so you can imagine the vast server farms sucking up, storing and analyzing data across the globe.  The power of the mobile phone to create quality video and photography has only added to the explosion of data in recent years and it’s only going to get bigger.

“Between the dawn of civilization and 2003, we only created five exabytes; now we’re creating that amount every two days. By 2020, that figure is predicted to sit at 53 zettabytes (53 trillion gigabytes) — an increase of 50 times.” — Hal Varian, Chief Economist at Google.

One of the largest companies to manage server farms for all the data is Digital Realty (DLR).  It’s a company worth researching further as a long term digital data growth play.

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