Tricks To Avoid Phone Menu Hell

We have all spent precious moments of our lives navigating the labyrinth that is the company phone menu only to find out you’ve reached the wrong department and they have to transfer you to  the correct department.  Aggravating to say the least, but each phone system has a bypass to a real, warm blooded human being.

::::::>>> Here is the solution..

I have discovered the tricks for a few common services such as Comcast and UPS then discovered there are sites that do all the work for you.  One I like the best is   Just search the company and they direct you to all the info you need to avoid that phone menu hell.  Perfect.

BONUS TIP! is decent as far as tips to navigate their menu quickly but I have found an even faster way for almost all companies since they all use voice commands.  Before you try anything from just try saying “Agent” or “Representative”.  That typically gets you connected.  If that doesn’t work trying just hitting zero or double zero.  I believe 95% of the time these simple tricks will work.

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