Nation’s 1st High Speed Rail Project Breaks Ground In CA

The US transportation system is generally speaking a joke particularly when compared to Asia and Europe.  Case in point – the first high speed rail project is breaking ground in this country after 10 years of discussing, planning, permitting, etc


It will take another 15 years to complete (so in reality probably 20 years and billions over budget).  The expected end result is a trip from LA to San Fran in 3 hours at 200MPH.  For comparison the fastest train in the world right now is in China.  The Shanghai Maglev has a maximum operational speed of 430km/h (267 MPG) and average speed of 251kmph (156 MPH). It began service over 10 years ago.

See the full story at Fast Company.  (please note there are some inaccuracies in that article such as the MPH .. seems author was looking at Km/h)  In other words the proposed US train isn’t quite as antiquated as they would have you believe … assuming it were a couple years away.  In fifteen years it most certainly will be behind the times.  Perhaps Elon Musk can save the day with his Hyperloop project.  Seems far fetched but so did Tesla to a lot of people.  He may prove the doubters wrong with SpaceX as well.  


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